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王子神谷 スペイン語教室先生



先生番号 / お名前 NO. 2987 . Francisco Valencia  /   先生
お名前-スペイン語 Francisco Valencia 先生
更新日時 2013/12/11
年 齢 39 歳
居住地 東京都 北区
最寄駅 王子神谷
性 別 男性
血液型 わからない
国籍/出身地 メキシコ / Tijuana
スペイン語先生暦 年月
「創業2002年12月・延べ4.9万人以上の生徒さんが、受講した実績と信頼ある個人レッスン」 👉まずは、無料で体験したい




Have you ever feel your professor does not understand your needs? How about trying to meet me and deal with an interesting class where more than conversation or grammar can be tackled down? I have a multicultural background, lived and worked in several countries so far, I am very friendly, patient, tolerant and respectful. It is easy for me to understand the learning style of a student, which helps me to adapt myself to the situation and adopt the necessary elements to keep you motivated and engaged in your learning. I am looking forward for fun and interesting classes with you. And remember,





Business Development Intern
Shubiki Corporation
October 2012 ? Present (1 year 1 month)Tokyo, Japan
Intern as a educational and business contents language assistant.

- Translation of educational and business contents from Japanese to Spanish and/or English
- Proof-reading of Spanish and/or English contents
- Adaptation of Japanese Cultural contents to Latin American Culture localization
- Development of Latin American Spanish contents
- Support and development of other educational and business e-learning and media contents
- Member of the Marketing Strategy team

Public Relations & Logistics Officer
September 2012 ? Present (1 year 2 months)Tokyo, Japan
Member of PR and Logistics leading activities to promote the STeLA Forum 2013 in the Japanese Branch. A Forum student-run will be held in Delft, Netherlands in August 2013.

- Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies
- Liaising with colleagues and key spokespeople
- Liaising with and answering inquiries from media, individuals and other organisations through social networks
- Researching, writing and distributing data
- Collating and analyzing media coverage
- Writing journals
- Collaboration with Finance Team
- Dialogue with sponsors
- Forum organization
- Immigration Consulting
- Food and Lodging logistics

Tokyo Institute of Technology
October 2011 ? Present (2 years 1 month)Tokyo, Japan
Research in Public-Private Partnership, Socio-economic models from Asia and Mexico, Fraud/Corruption Phenomena in Infrastructure Development, Infrastructure Development Policies, Thinking Systems, Social System Design.

- Develop contents of special seminars for the Department of Value and Decision Science.=
- Participant as a workshop panelist in Science Agora 2011 at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
- Participant of UNESCO/UNU International Symposium on Policy Perspectives
- Participant of the 42nd St. Gallen Symposium
- Participant for the 16th World Business Dialogue
- Participant for the Education Without Borders Forum

The University of Tokyo
April 2010 ? September 2011 (1 year 6 months)Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan
Researcher in Inclusive Business, Infrastructure Management, Public-Private Partnership, Bottom of the Pyramid, Social Development.

- Japanase language training
- Researching assistant on social business
- Participant of the Japanese and Mexican Higher Education Officers Summit

Project Engineer
October 2008 ? March 2010 (1 year 6 months)Tijuana Area, Mexico
Lead some projects through the interactive participation of R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Planning, Production, Sterilization and Distribution of new medical devices.

-R&D assistance for development of new products for Patient Care and Safety Products
-Validation of new procedures, machines and shipments
- Engineering Changes Notification Executor (ECN)
- FMEA Analysis and Elaboration
- Kaizen event contribution and application (continuous improvement)
- Cause and Effect Analysis & Process Map Analysis
- Red Lines for Formulas, Procedures and Standard Work Instructions
- Visual Aids, Layout and Standards Update
- 5’S Internal Auditor
- Approval for Change Notification of Extrusion Documentation
- CPK analysis for engineering samples
- Responsible for the Introduction of new process into production through Validation OQ-PQ process.
- Process development and procurement of all equipment needed.

Public Relations Officer
Ca??n del Cobre, S.A. de C.V.
October 2007 ? September 2008 (1 year)Chihuahua State
Lead the service surveillance from the Chihuahua State hotels, also the supervisor for client survey reports and tourism activities.

- Transportation Logistics
- Management Assistant
- Maintenance Department Coordination
- Facilities and Services Coordinator
- Tourism Counselor, Promoter and Guide
- Accounting Auxiliary. Administrative Staff Employment Trainer
- Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies

Global Language Technology
September 2006 ? October 2007 (1 year 2 months)Mexico City Area, Mexico
Part-time job as language assistance, supervision and training in English and French through multimedia tools.

YEP Management Assistant
Rotary International
May 2004 ? June 2006 (2 years 2 months)Sinaloa State
Management Assistance for the Youth Exchange Program in the District 4100 that supports the states of Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California Sur and Baja California Norte.

「創業2002年12月・延べ4.9万人以上の生徒さんが、受講した実績と信頼ある個人レッスン」 👉まずは、無料で体験したい

現在の職業 Business developer intern
日本滞在歴 2013/10
教える言語 スペイン語
趣 味 Traveling, cycling, volleyball, cinema, reading.
日本語レベル 中級
教える対象 成人男性 、成人女性 、子供
教える内容 日常会話 、状況場面


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Engineering Project Management




王子神谷 近くのカフェでスペイン語レッスン!対面の家庭教師とオンラインを同時に、勉強できる

  • エスパ【ESPA】では、日本人の生徒にレッスンを通じて、スペイン人の先生とコミュニケーションをとり、スペインの文化や習慣を知ってもらい スペインをもっと好きになってもらうため。
     そして、先生が帰国したら、今度は、先生としてではなく、お互い友達 として一緒に過ごせたら、年を取ってからもずっと関係が続いたら、素敵だと思いませんか。
  • 王子神谷 近くのカフェでのスペイン人の家庭教師とプライベートレッスン。スクールや塾のように堅苦しい雰囲気がなく、実践と同じ環境で、基本から文法、検定対策まで楽しく勉強できて人気のスペイン語学校
  • 教材は生徒さんが希望するものか、ピッタリ合った教材を、先生と一緒にお選びいただけます。スクールで教材を販売することはありません
  • 安いレッスン料60分3000円。レッスンの長さは60分、90分。あなたにピッタリな長さで自由に決められる個人レッスン口コミで人気
  • 初心者にもおすすめ。ピッタリの先生が見つかるまで、何度でも、無料体験レッスン
「創業2002年12月・延べ4.9万人以上の生徒さんが、受講した実績と信頼ある個人レッスン」 👉まずは、無料で体験したい